IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretation Formula Booklet SL & HL

Applications and Interpretation 1 Page Formula Sheet

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What is the IB Math Applications and Interpretation Formula Booklet?
The International Baccalaureate (IB) has released an official Formula Booklet (also referred to as ‘Data Booklet’) for students studying the IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretation (AI) courses (SL and HL). The booklet contains important formulas taught in the AI SL & HL syllabi.
Are there different Formula Booklets for AI SL & AI HL?
No – there is only one. In the previous IB Mathematics curriculum (2014-2020, Studies, SL, HL and Further), there were different Formula Booklets for each course. This changed when the current IB Mathematics Curriculum (2021-2027, AA & AI) was introduced. There are now two formula booklets in total, one for the AI courses and one for the AA courses. The formula booklets for the AI SL and AI HL courses have been consolidated into the one document, referred to as the ‘IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretation Formula Booklet, SL and HL’ (likewise for the AA courses).
How should I use the Applications & Interpretation Formula Booklet?
The IB Math AI Formula Booklet is useful for two reasons: 1) to easily refer to formulas when solving questions, and 2) to get a high level view of the full scope of the AI SL & HL courses. It is recommended that students have the AI SL/HL Formula Booklet with them whenever revising Applications and Interpretation theory or practicing exam questions. By doing this, students will become familiar with the formulas available to them, and also understand the scope of their course; the concepts involved, how concepts are categorised in topics and how they are interlinked with other concepts in the course.
Can the Applications & Interpretation Formula Booklet be used in examinations?
Students are permitted access to the official IB Math AI Formula Booklet in examinations. Please note: the AI SL / HL Formula Booklet published by Revision Village is not the official IB Formula Booklet. Revision Village has made life easier for AI students by consolidating all of the formulas in the official IB Mathematics AI Formula Booklet (13 pages) onto one page, for easy reference and to gain a high level view of the entire AI courses. This Revision Village condensed version of the AI Formula Booklet is not permitted in the final IB exams.
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