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Voted #1 IB Mathematics Resource by Students and Teachers in 2018.

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We love receiving feedback! Thank you to all of our members =)

Thank you Revision Village Team for creating such a beautiful and easy to use website. I began using Revision Village just 2 weeks before my finals and I achieved a 7 in Standard Level Maths (I was predicted a 5). What helped the most for me was that I could practice exam style questions non-stop for hours and actually get a feel for the types of questions that would likely appear in my exams. The videos were also great!! It was like having a teacher with me at home helping me revise. Thank you so much and I will definitely be recommending Revision Village to future IB candidates. Kylie =)

Kylie B, New Zealand

November 2017 Graduate

Revision Village is a life saver!
I spent a very long time searching for an IB resource to help boost my grade in Maths and I am just so glad that I found Revision Village. I have never come across a more simple and effective layout for revising. I love that there are so so many practice exams and exam questions to work through. I had a private tutor before using revision village and your website is essentially a better version of that. Thank you again! I used revision village every night for the week leading up to my exam and I can honestly say it was the reason my best friend and I both achieved a 7.

Marie H, Madrid

May 2017 Graduate

The one-stop-shop for IB Maths

More than 63,000 IB Students and 810 IB Schools use Revision Village.
Voted by IB students as the #1 IB Resource for Mathematics. 


An extensive library of IBDP exam style questions for students to practice and master.


Practice Exams

Test yourself with a wide range of IB practice exams. Exams filtered by topic, difficulty and more.


Past IB Exams - Video Solutions

Complete video worked solutions to past IB exams, taught by experienced teachers.

Key IB Concept Videos

Short videos reviewing the key concepts in IB maths. The perfect place to refresh your knowledge.

Common Questions

How much does Revision Village cost?

Upgrading to a Revision Village Gold Member is $120 once-off charge (no ongoing payments).

There is also a ‘Last Minute’ short-term discount deal of $49 (once-off) for students sitting the May 2018 IB Exams (accounts will expire on May 4th, 2018).

RV Gold Members get access to all Gold Content on Revision Village.

Schools or Groups can purchase a package of Gold accounts at a discount. More information on these packages here.

Is the Gold Membership a subscription or once-off cost?

All Revision Village Memberships (Individual & Group Packages) are Once-Off costs with no ongoing payments.

Which subjects do Revision Village cover?

Revision Village is for students studying IB Mathematics (High Level, Standard Level, Studies).

More than 63,000 IB Students and 810 IB Schools use Revision Village. Voted by IB students as the #1 IB Resource for Mathematics.

Who are the teachers?

The Revision Village team is made up of experienced IB teachers, examiners and past students. The team is dedicated to helping IB students around the world achieve their best possible maths grade.

Which devices can I use RV on?

Revision Village is optimized on all devices. Desktop, Tablet, Mobile.

What are the Prediction Exams?

The Revision Village Prediction Exams are the result of many years of working with IB Students and Schools around the world, and deeply understanding what works best for IB Exam revision. The RV Prediction Exams track the trends of the previous 1-3-5 years of past exams. They forecast the topics, weighting and question types that will be assessed in the next examination period.

We have a very strong record at accurately forecasting these question types, however we obviously can’t promise anything and don’t recommend simply memorising the answers to our questions. The underlying concepts are the key. We don’t think it needs to be said, however we don’t take responsibility for outcomes due to discrepancies between our prediction exam and the actual exam. After all, they are ‘Prediction’ Exams.

Why is RV better than YouTube/ Khan Academy?

The difference is Revision Village focuses 100% on IB exam questions. We are exam targeted, looking at trends in exam questions, predicting the next exam, and providing tutorials on how to best solve these type of questions.

Which currency are the prices in?

Since the IB is a Global Curriculum, stated pricing is in US Dollars (USD).

How does the money back guarantee work?

It’s very simple, we offer a 100%, money back guarantee on Revision Village. If, after you sit the exam, you feel Revision Village didn’t sufficiently prepare you, we will provide a full refund, via your account menu once logged in. We are here to help you get your best possible result in IB maths =)

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