IB Maths SL – Key Concepts

Short Summary Videos & Frequently Asked Exam Questions

Arithmetic Sequences & Series

Geometric Sequences & Series

Sigma Notation

Exponents (Laws & Solving)

Logarithms (Laws & Solving)

The Binomial Theorem

Functions (Domain & Range, Composite, Inverse)

Functions (Transformations)

Factorising Quadratics

Completing the Square (Quadratics)

Discriminant Test (Quadratics)

Rational Functions (Asymptotes & Sketching)

Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

Sketching Functions with Calculator

Radians, Length of Arc, Area of Sector

Unit Circle & Trig Ratios

Trig Identities

Trig Graphs (Circular Functions)

Solving Trig Functions

Sine & Cosine Rule, Area of a Triangle

Degrees vs Radians

Vectors – Basics

Scalar Product & Angle Between Two Vectors

Vector Equation of a Line

Intersection of 2 Vector Lines

Mean, Standard Deviation & Variance

Bivariate Statistics

Venn Diagrams & Probability

Conditional Probability

Probability Distribution

Binomial Distribution

Normal Distribution

Differentiation Rules

Equation of a Tangent

Optimisation & Calculus Curves

Integration Rules

Integration by Substitution

Volume of Revolution