Applications & Interpretation HL Key Concepts

Short Summary Videos for AI HL Students

Topic 1
Number & Algebra
AI HL - Rounding & Significant Figures
AI HL - Scientific Notation
AI HL - Percentage Error
AI HL - Arithmetic Sequences & Series
AI HL - Geometric Sequences & Series
AI HL - Sigma Notation
AI HL - Compound Interest & Depreciation
AI HL - Loans & Amortization
AI HL - Annuities
AI HL - GDC Tips Finance Solver (TVM Solver)
AI HL - Introduction to Complex Numbers
AI HL - Forms of Complex Numbers
AI HL - Operations of Complex Numbers
AI HL - GDC Tips Complex Numbers
AI HL - Introduction to Matrices
AI HL - Solving Simultaneous Equations using Matrices
AI HL - Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors & Matrix Powers
AI HL - GDC Tips Matrices
Topic 2
AI HL - Forms of Linear Lines
AI HL - Gradients & Intercepts of Linear Lines
AI HL - Parallel & Perpendicular Gradients
AI HL - Perpendicular Bisectors
AI HL - GDC Tips Intersection of Two Lines
AI HL - Functions Overview & Types
AI HL - GDC Tips Plotting Functions & Analysis Tools
AI HL - GDC Tips Using nSolve to Solve Equations
AI HL - Domain & Range, Composite, Inverse
AI HL - Transformations of Functions
Topic 3
Geometry & Trigonometry
AI HL - Geometry of 3D Shapes
AI HL - Pythagoras Theorem
AI HL - Right Angled Trigonometry
AI HL - Sine and Cosine Rule Area of a Triangle
AI HL - Length of Arc Area of Sector
AI HL Key Concepts - Degrees v Radians
AI HL - Voronoi Diagrams
AI HL Key Concepts - Unit Circle and Trig Ratios
AI HL Key Concepts - Graphs of Trig Functions
AI HL - Geometric Transformations
AI HL - Vectors Basics
AI HL - Vector Equation of a Line
AI HL - Scalar Product and Angle Between Two Vectors
AI HL - Vector Product
AI HL - Graph Theory
Topic 4
Statistics & Probability
AI HL - Mean, Median, Mode
AI HL - Quartiles, Interquartile Range, Box and Whisker
AI HL - Outliers
AI HL - Data Sampling Methods
AI HL - Independent and Dependent Variables, Scatter Plots
AI HL - Correlation Pearsons and Spearmans
AI HL - Line of Regression Equation and Reliability
AI - Coefficient of Determination
AI - Non-Linear Regression
AI HL - Tree Diagrams Probability
AI HL - Venn Diagrams Probability
AI - Transition Matrices and Markov Chains
AI HL - Probability Distribution
AI HL - Binomial Distribution
AI HL - Normal Distribution
AI - Poisson Distribution
AI - Combination of Random Variables
AI HL - Hypothesis Testing
AI - Estimation and Confidence Intervals
Topic 5
AI HL - Overview of Differential Calculus
AI HL - Basics of Differentiation
AI HL - Gradients of Tangents and Normals
AI HL - Turning Points
AI - Further Differentiation Rules
AI - Related Rates
AI - The Second Derivative
AI HL - Overview of Integral Calculus
AI HL - Basics of Antidifferentiation
AI HL - Finding Areas Under Curves
AI HL - Trapezoidal Rule
AI - Further Integration Rules
AI - Integration by Substitution
AI - Area Enclosed by a Curve and the x or y axis
AI - Volumes of Revolution about the x or y axis
AI - Kinematics
AI - Introduction to Differential Equations
AI - Separable Differential Equations
AI - Slope Fields
AI - Euler's Method

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What are the AI HL Key Concepts?

The IB Math Applications and Interpretation (AI) HL Key Concepts section is one of the four main features on Revision Village for AI HL students (in addition to Questionbank, Practice Exams and Past Papers). The Key Concepts section includes a carefully planned set of AI HL Exam Revision Videos that students can use to refresh specific concepts (e.g. Differential Equations using Euler’s Method) that they may have missed or misunderstood in class. The revision videos typically range between 5 and 10 minutes in length and are a short and concise way for students to quickly refresh a concept, before practicing exam questions, either in the Questionbank or Practice Exams section of the Revision Village website.

How should I best use the AI HL Key Concepts?

A great way to improve in mathematics is by practicing lots of questions, but sometimes we forget key pieces of theory. It’s recommended that students use the AI HL Key Concepts in conjunction with solving exam questions. Stuck on a specific question? Go to the Key Concepts section and watch one of the revision videos that recaps the theory. It’s recommended that students then return to the original question and try and solve it again.

Do the AI HL Key Concept videos replace my textbook?

This is not the aim of the AI HL Key Concept section on Revision Village. These videos are short and concise and aim to ‘recap’ the theory, as opposed to teaching and explaining the theory, which is the purpose of textbooks. The AI HL Key Concept section on Revision Village aims to support students’ revision process by providing an easy way to quickly recap the concepts that occur frequently on Applications and Interpretation Higher Level examinations.

Who are the teachers in the AI HL Key Concept videos?

The AI HL Key Concept videos on Revision Village are taught by experienced IB Mathematics teachers and examiners, who are passionate about teaching IB Math AI HL concepts in a simple, intuitive and engaging manner. The team is dedicated to helping each and every student achieve their best possible IB Mathematics grade.

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