Applications & Interpretation HL Key Concepts

Short Summary Videos for AI HL Students

Topic 1
Number & Algebra
AI HL - Rounding & Significant Figures
AI HL - Scientific Notation
AI HL - Percentage Error
AI HL - Arithmetic Sequences & Series
AI HL - Geometric Sequences & Series
AI HL - Sigma Notation
AI HL - Compound Interest & Depreciation
AI HL - Loans & Amortization
AI HL - Annuities
AI HL - GDC Tips Finance Solver (TVM Solver)
AI HL - Introduction to Complex Numbers
AI HL - Forms of Complex Numbers
AI HL - Operations of Complex Numbers
AI HL - GDC Tips Complex Numbers
AI HL - Introduction to Matrices
AI HL - Solving Simultaneous Equations using Matrices
AI HL - Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors & Matrix Powers
AI HL - GDC Tips Matrices
Topic 2
AI HL - Forms of Linear Lines
AI HL - Gradients & Intercepts of Linear Lines
AI HL - Parallel & Perpendicular Gradients
AI HL - Perpendicular Bisectors
AI HL - GDC Tips Intersection of Two Lines
AI HL - Functions Overview & Types
AI HL - GDC Tips Plotting Functions & Analysis Tools
AI HL - GDC Tips Using nSolve to Solve Equations
AI HL - Domain & Range, Composite, Inverse
AI HL - Transformations of Functions
Topic 3
Geometry & Trigonometry
AI HL - Geometry of 3D Shapes
AI HL - Pythagoras Theorem
AI HL - Right Angled Trigonometry
AI HL - Sine and Cosine Rule Area of a Triangle
AI HL - Length of Arc Area of Sector
AI HL Key Concepts - Degrees v Radians
AI HL - Voronoi Diagrams
AI HL Key Concepts - Unit Circle and Trig Ratios
AI HL Key Concepts - Graphs of Trig Functions
AI HL - Geometric Transformations
AI HL - Vectors Basics
AI HL - Vector Equation of a Line
AI HL - Scalar Product and Angle Between Two Vectors
AI HL - Vector Product
AI HL - Graph Theory
Topic 4
Statistics & Probability
AI HL - Mean, Median, Mode
AI HL - Quartiles, Interquartile Range, Box and Whisker
AI HL - Outliers
AI HL - Data Sampling Methods
AI HL - Independent and Dependent Variables, Scatter Plots
AI HL - Correlation Pearsons and Spearmans
AI HL - Line of Regression Equation and Reliability
AI - Coefficient of Determination
AI - Non-Linear Regression
AI HL - Tree Diagrams Probability
AI HL - Venn Diagrams Probability
AI - Transition Matrices and Markov Chains
AI HL - Probability Distribution
AI HL - Binomial Distribution
AI HL - Normal Distribution
AI - Poisson Distribution
AI - Combination of Random Variables
AI HL - Hypothesis Testing
AI - Estimation and Confidence Intervals
Topic 5
AI HL - Overview of Differential Calculus
AI HL - Basics of Differentiation
AI HL - Gradients of Tangents and Normals
AI HL - Turning Points
AI - Further Differentiation Rules
AI - Related Rates
AI - The Second Derivative
AI HL - Overview of Integral Calculus
AI HL - Basics of Antidifferentiation
AI HL - Finding Areas Under Curves
AI HL - Trapezoidal Rule
AI - Further Integration Rules
AI - Integration by Substitution
AI - Area Enclosed by a Curve and the x or y axis
AI - Volumes of Revolution about the x or y axis
AI - Kinematics
AI - Introduction to Differential Equations
AI - Separable Differential Equations
AI - Slope Fields
AI - Euler's Method

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