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We love receiving messages from IB students, parents and teachers.
With their permission, we post some of them on this page.

Hello Team. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the amazing resources on Revision Village. The Practice Exams and the Questionbank features have really helped me with solving IB exam questions and my grades have improved a lot. I started out getting 3’s and 4’s in math but now I’m getting 6’s and 7’s in my in-class exams. I find the video solutions to questions really useful because it’s like having a tutor with me when I study. Thanks again for all of the amazing work you do. You have really helped me and many students in my class.

Aiden M

Aiden M.

IBDP Student USA, 2022.

Dear Revision Village Team. I attend an International School in Hong Kong. Our IB classes are quite small and we have limited access to resources and support. In addition to this, our IB Mathematics teacher is new to our school and hasn’t taught IB before. I found Revision Village when I was searching for online resources for IB Mathematics. I think the resources on the Revision Village website are amazing. I was so happy to find an online resource for maths that could support me throughout my diploma program. Everyone in my class now uses Revision Village. In class, we work through practice exam questions on each topic. Many students now study at their own pace independently by working through the Revision Village questions and watching the video tutorials. I can honestly say it has changed our classroom. On behalf of the students in my class, I would like to thank the Revision Village team for all of the material they create for IB students.

Layla A

Layla A.

IBDP Student Hong Kong, 2021.

I LOVE REVISION VILLAGE. I’m not sure if you get a lot of messages like this… but in case you don’t… I wanted to let you know that your website is truly amazing. My friends and I all use Revision Village and it has really helped us prepare for our mocks & finals. Thank you so much xx

Courtney E

Courtney E.

IBDP Student Australia, 2022.

Revision Village saved me for IB Math. The resources are extremely easy to use and the quality is the best I’ve found by far. I love the Questionbank & Key Concept videos. Thank you so much! Grace

Grace F

Grace F.

IBDP Student USA, 2021.

Thanks Guys! Revision Village really helped me with DP Math. I found out about the website from a friend at the start of Yr2 and I did all my exam revision on the website from then on. I ended up getting a 6 for Math in my finals (2 percent off a 7) which was a lot better than the 4’s I was getting in Yr1. Great work with the website. The material helped me a lot.

Jordan P

Jordan P.

IBDP Student USA, 2022.

Dear Revision Village. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done for maths if I hadn’t found your website. It is so easy to use and it is exactly what I needed. I used Revision Village 3-4 times per week all the way up to my finals, which I scored a 7 (I was predicted a 5). Thank you so much and I really appreciate the love and simplicity of the website.

Everly H

Everly H.

IBDP Student UK, 2022.

To Whom It May Concern. I would like to thank you for creating such high quality exam revision material for IB Mathematics. Since using Revision Village, I have improved my exam performances considerably. I have almost completed every AA HL Practice Exam on Revision Village and I feel very confident heading into my finals. Thank you very much and I hope you continue to publish high quality resources in the future.

Krish O

Krish O.

IBDP Student India, 2022.

Thanks for making dedicated resources for IB Students. There is so much content on the internet but Revision Village has been my destination for learning and exam revision for the past 18 months. The videos for past IB exams are really helpful and the Practice Exams for each topic are great. Cheers.

Luke A

Luke A.

IBDP Student UK, 2022.

Hi! I would firstly like to thank you for creating Revision Village and all of the fantastic resources on the website. For the past year, I have worked through the Questionbank topics and the Practice Exams. I have watched the accompanying video tutorials whenever I have been stuck on a question and I have learned so much 🙂 Since using Revision Village, I have improved my maths grade from a 3 to a 6. I am confident that I can get a 6/7 in my finals. I also love the design of the website. It has been incredibly easy to use. Thanks again.

Alisha Y

Alisha Y.

IBDP Student India, 2021.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Revision Village has been a godsend for my friends and I. The resources are really helpful and easy to understand. The videos have helped me a lot.

Amy P

Amy P.

IBDP Student USA, 2022.

Thank you Revision Village! I loved using Revision Village last year at school. It helped me get a 7 for math in my final exams. I loved the videos and the library of exam questions. My friends loved the website too. Best wishes!

Kim G

Kim G.

IBDP Student Australia, 2020.

Thanks Heaps! My name is Issac and I want to thank you guys for all your help. I started using RV early this year when my school moved to remote learning (due to covid). I’ve found the resources on RV extremely helpful and I’ve gained a lot of confidence by working through each topic in the AA SL Questionbank. The videos are great, love the relaxed teaching style and the explanations are clear. Thanks again!

Issac J

Issac J.

IBDP Student USA, 2021.

Dear Revision Village. My sister and I have found the resources on your website incredibly valuable and easy to use. I achieved a 7 for my final grade in math and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without utilizing the resources on Revision Village (Questionbank & Practice Exams especially). My sister is in her first year of the diploma program and she enjoys watching the Key Concept videos as a way to revise what she learns in class. Thank you for helping IB students bridge the gap between textbooks and IB exams. A lot of students in my class were really struggling with their math exam results… and I know your resources helped a lot of them improve. Thank you very much for your support!

Gemma S

Gemma S.

IBDP Student USA, 2021.

Hello – I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Revision Village for the wonderful work that you do. I found Revision Village in my first year of DP and it was the exact resource that I needed. Mathematics has always been a struggle for me and my exam results reflected this. I used the Revision Village Questionbank every night to try and improve my exam results. After practicing hundreds (maybe even thousands) of exam style questions on various topics, I became much more confident and prepared for my mock exams. In my mock exams, I scored 88% in Paper 1 and 84% in Paper 2. I am very proud of these results and I can’t thank your team enough for creating the resources that helped me achieve them. Please pass on my gratitude to the teachers in the videos. They teach with such enthusiasm and energy and it really makes a difference.

Elizabeth K

Elizabeth K.

IBDP Student USA, 2021.

Hey 🙂 I really like your website! It is really user-friendly and there are so many exam questions to practice and videos to watch. So far, it has helped me a lot… so thanks!

Niaomi H

Niaomi H.

IBDP Student Canada, 2021.

Hey! I would like to thank you for the material and resources on Revision Village. It has helped me so much over the past 6 months. I’ve gotten so much better at maths since using the website. I like learning maths but I don’t do very well in exams. This has changed quite a lot since I started using the RV Questionbank and working through the sub-topics. After practicing so many exam questions, I feel so much more confident heading into exams. Thank you for making the website so easy to use. I think you are helping a lot of IB students like me.

Hailey G

Hailey G.

IBDP Student UK, 2020.