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Common Questions

What is Revision Village?

Voted the #1 IB Mathematics Resource in 2020, 2021 & 2022, Revision Village is an award winning education website dedicated to helping IB Students learn, practice and revise for their IB Mathematics exams. More than 70% of IB Students & Teachers worldwide use Revision Village (350,000+ IB Students from 1,500+ IB Schools).

What more do I get with RV Gold?

RV Gold gets you 100% access to all Revision Village features, including:

IB Math Exam Questionbank: The #1 IB Mathematics Exam Questionbank for IB Students. Thousands of AA & AI exam style questions, filterable by topic, sub-topic & difficulty. Video solutions & mark schemes for all questions. This is the perfect place to practice & master IB Math Exam Questions.

IB Math Practice Exams: Test yourself with an extensive library of IB Math Practice Exams. Topic & sub-topic quizzes, exam sets grouped by question difficulty, Paper 1 & Paper 2 Mock IB Math Exams and more.

Past IB Papers – Video Solutions: Step-by-step video solutions to Past IB Math Exams. Short and easy to understand videos taught by experienced IB Math Teachers.

IB Math Key Concepts: Short summary videos taught by experienced IB Math Teachers that teach every key concept tested in IB Math Exams.

RV Prediction Exams: Carefully created IB Prediction Exams to help IB Students prepare for their finals.


Is the Gold Membership a subscription or once-off cost?

All Revision Village Gold Memberships are once-off costs. No subscriptions. No on-going payments.

What if I'm unsure if RV Gold is for me?

Don’t worry, upgrading to RV Gold is risk-free! Revision Village offers a 7-day refund option for all RV Gold purchases, except for accounts purchased within 2 weeks of the May & November IB mathematics examination periods (October 24 2022 – November 7 2022​, May 1 2023 – May 15 2023, October 23 2023 – November 6 2023). The Revision Village team works tirelessly on creating the highest quality IB Mathematics resources online.

Who are the RV Teachers?

The Revision Village team includes experienced IB Teachers, Examiners and some of the world’s best educators. The team is dedicated to helping each and every student achieve their best possible IB Mathematics grade.

Which devices can I use Revision Village on?

Revision Village is optimized on all devices. Desktop, Tablet, Mobile.

Why is Revision Village better than YouTube / Khan Academy etc. ?

Unlike many mathematics websites, Revision Village is 100% focused on IB Mathematics. Students don’t need to spend hours searching the internet for IB specific math videos and exam questions. Revision Village is the perfect place for IB Students to learn, practice and prepare for their IB Mathematics exam stress-free, with all of the resources they need in one place.


What are the Revision Village Prediction Exams?

Preparing for final IB Math exams is hard. Practicing exam style questions is very important, but many students don’t have time to practice hundreds of exam questions in the RV Questionbank.

The Revision Village Prediction Exams are published twice per year by our team of IB examiners & teachers to help IB Students prepare for their upcoming final exams. The RV Prediction Exams are released approximately 1 month prior to the official May/November IB exams. The questions in the Prediction Exams are carefully created to directly align with the trends seen in past IB exams (question topics, question style, question weighting, question difficulty). 

Students are encouraged to practice the underlying concepts in the Prediction Exams, not just simply memorize the questions and answers. As the Revision Village Prediction Exams are ‘Predictions’, Revision Village cannot take responsibility for outcomes due to discrepancies between the predictions and IB papers.

Revision Village Prediction Exams are made available to all RV Gold Members.

What about the new IB Math courses (AA & AI) ? Does Revision Village have brand new resources for these courses?

Yes of course! Analysis and Approaches (SL/HL) & Applications and Interpretation (SL/HL) are the new IB Mathematics courses (2021-2027). Resources for these new courses can be found at the following pages: AA SL Home, AA HL Home, AI SL Home, AI HL Home.

The Revision Village team never stops! More great resources will be added for the AA & AI courses in the weeks, months and years to come. We aren’t going anywhere!

Can I be logged in on multiple devices?

For security purposes, only 1 device can be logged in at any given time. If you have been logged out of your account, please check that you are not logged in on any other device. 

Which currency are RV Gold prices in?

All pricing is in US Dollars (USD).

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#1 IB Math Resource

Revision Village was ranked the #1 IB Math Resources by IB Students & Teachers in 2021 & 2022.

34% Grade Increase

Revision Village students scored 34% greater than the IB Global Average in their exams (2021).

70% of IB Students

More and more IB students are using Revision Village to prepare for their IB Math Exams.