Revision Village Prediction Exams

Prediction Exams are released in April & October each year, approximately 1 month prior to the official IB exams.

The next Prediction Exams will be published in April 2023

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What are Revision Village IB Math Prediction Exams?

Revision Village Prediction Exams are trial examination papers for the IBDP Mathematics Curriculum. The papers are rigorously developed, accurately representative of the IB Mathematics courses (AA & AI) and model the format and topic weighting of the official IB Mathematics exams.

Who creates the Revision Village Prediction Exams?

The Revision Village Prediction Exams & Mock Exam sets are developed by a selected assessment panel of experienced IBDP Mathematics examiners & teachers.

When are the Revision Village Prediction Exams published?

Revision Village Prediction Exams are published twice per year, approximately 1 month prior to the official May/November IB examination sessions.

Where can I find more IB Math AA & AI Practice Exams?

For topic quizzes, full-length mock exams, difficulty-ladder exams and more, Revision Village is the one-stop-shop for IB Math exam revision. Go to: AI SL, AI HL, AA SL, AA HL.

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