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Frequently Asked Questions

The IB Prediction Exams are a special set of Mock Exam Papers designed to simulate the actual exams students will encounter at the end of their IB Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ESS, Psychology, Business Management, Economics and English courses. Tailor-made for each cohort with questions inspired by the most recent examination sessions, these precisely assembled mock exams can be used to determine exactly how you might fare on your exams if they were given today. Questions are carefully selected to match the difficulty, topic distribution, and question styles students need to be prepared for in taking their IB exams. The final Prediction Exams are then released approximately a month prior to each examination, to serve as the perfect resource to use in final preparation for the IB exams.

Each year, in either May or November, IB students around the world sit their end of IB Diploma Program (IBDP) final exams. Once these exams are completed, the Revision Village team carefully analyses each examination paper given during that session. Questions are then written that allow students to evaluate their skills at answering IB-style questions in the exact conditions of the IB examinations. Finally, the questions on the Prediction Exams are selected to imitate the distribution of topics and difficulty found on the actual examination papers.

The Prediction Exams are released around a month prior to the beginning of the next examination session. This timing allows students to hone their skills using these exams in the most important revision period leading up to the exams.

It is recommended that students use the IB Prediction Exams when they would like the very best assessment of their current readiness for the exams. They can be used early on in the revision process, to determine what the areas most in need of study are. They can also be used as a final check for exam preparation once the bulk of the revision has been completed.

The IB Mathematics AA and AI Standard Level and Higher Level course Prediction Exams contain never before seen questions. During the May 2023 examination session, some questions for the IB Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Prediction Exams will have been selected carefully from the Question Bank, as resources are still being developed.

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