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Revision Village for Educators

The world's best educators now have access to the world's best toolkit

Bring a new dimension to student engagement through rich data and insights, automated marking, and access to the world's best teaching and learning resources.

Formative Assessment and Task Workflows

Create formative assessments and tasks that are automatically marked and provide students with personalised feedback on their answers.

Over 10,000 IB exam-style questions

Easy to understand markschemes

Detailed supplementary video solutions

Formative Assessment and Task Workflows

Teacher-only IB Exam Style Questionbank

Access a curated bank of original exam-style questions that are unavailable to students.

Craft original assessments to maximize exam readiness

Teacher-only questionback for the Sciences coming soon

Formative Assessment and Task Workflows

Insights & differentiated feedback

Gain a deeper understanding of your students learning through rich data and insights.

At a glance view of performance

Actionable insights to improve learning outcomes

Identify improvement areas and set remedial tasks

Formative Assessment and Task Workflows

Unleash the power of Newton AI

Newton is RV’s proprietary AI tool, which is constantly being trained on our learning material. This enables Newton to provide highly accurate grading against IB style markschemes.

Let Newton do an initial pass of marking for you

Edit Newton's feedback and marking any way you see fit

Retain control - you approve all feedback students receive

Formative Assessment and Task Workflows

Revision Village for Educators is now LIVE

Frequently Asked Questions

An RV teacher subscription allows you to create formative assessments and homework tasks for students within your class

You will be charged at the beginning of every year for the whole year.

You can create up to 5 free assessments. From then, you will need to purchase a subscription. The subscription type will determine how many assessments you may create per month.

An individual assessment may only be valid for a period of 30 days.

While there are no limits for how many questions your asssesment might have. There are limits on how many marks an assessment can contain. Your assessment may only contain a maximum of 100 marks. You can choose how to distribute these marks.