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IB Physics Formula Booklet SL & HL

Formula Booklet



Frequently Asked Questions

The International Baccalaureate (IB) publishes an official Data Booklet for students studying the IB Physics Standard and Higher Level courses. The booklet contains important constants and helpful formulas for use in the official IB Exams. The Revision Village IB Physics Formula Booklet contains the same data and formulae as the official booklet, but contains additional annotations to help you understand and use the formulae provided in the official Data Booklet.

No - there is only one. The formulae that are only relevant for Higher Level students can be found in the Higher Level Topics #9 - 12.

Yes, there are two different formula booklets. The two syllabi are structured differently, and some content and formulae present in one of the two syllabi are not present in the other. You should be sure to use the right formula booklet for the examination session you will be in.

The Physics Formula Booklet is useful for two reasons: 1) to easily refer to formulas when solving questions, and 2) to get a high-level view of the full scope of the Physics SL and HL courses. It is recommended that students have the Physics Formula Booklet with them whenever revising physics theory or practicing exam questions. By doing this, students will become familiar with the formulas available to them, and also understand the scope of their course; the concepts involved, how concepts are categorised in topics and how they are interlinked with other concepts in the course.

Students are permitted access only to the official IB Physics Data Booklet in IB examination, in every paper. Please note, the Physics SL / HL Formula Booklet published by Revision Village is not the official IB Booklet. Revision Village has made life easier for Physics students by organizing the booklet and annotating each formula with helpful information for their revision. This Revision Village version is not allowed in the official IB exams.