IB Physics SL - 2025

IB Physics at Standard Level is a challenging physics course providing a survey of the most important concepts and skills for understanding our physical world. Students will develop their quantitative reasoning, analysis, and experimental skills over the course of the program, which is normally taught over the course of a two year period.

Course Structure and Content

Starting with the May 2025 cohort, all students in IB Physics will undertake their IB Physics studies under a new syllabus and curriculum. The most significant changes involve the discontinuation of the option topics (with some of the option topic material now included in the core content) and the reduction of the number of examination papers from three to two.

SL Physics students will examine a variety of topics within physics, designed to lay the foundation for future scientific and engineering studies. The concepts are arranged into five core themes: Space, Time and Motion, The Particulate Nature of Matter, Wave Behaviour, Fields, and Nuclear Physics. Within these themes students will study topics such as Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Wave Interference, Electric Circuits, Electrostatics, Radioactivity, and Astrophysics.

At the end of the Standard Level Physics IB course, students will sit two examination papers. Paper 1 consists of 25 multiple-choice questions across all of the core content as well as a 20-mark data-based section that will assess students' understanding of experimental procedures and their ability to interpret and process results. Paper 2 includes 50 marking points of short answer and extended response questions, also evaluating students' ability to engage in essential conceptual and quantitative reasoning regarding the entire syllabus.

Tips for Success

  1. Consistent revision! The best approach to ensure success in a thorough, content-rich program such as IB SL Physics is to study a little each and every day in a deliberate, targeted manner. With Revision Village, students can use the Questionbank or the Popular Quizzes to work on specific content areas.
  2. Find your level, and work from there! The questions within the Questionbank are sorted by difficulty levels so you can build your confidence, and there are different levels of the Revision Ladders to determine your current knowledge level and build upon it, step by step.
  3. Use all of your resources! When you encounter difficulty answering a question, make sure to use the written markscheme, video solution, and NewtonAI to address your questions and address specific gaps in your understanding.

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