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IB Biology SL - 2024 - Questionbank

The IB Biology SL (Standard Level) 2024 Questionbank is a great source of practice questions, coming from the entire syllabus! Each question comes with a clear markscheme and solution video, with an experienced IB teacher going through the question step-by-step. The questions are organized by topic and arranged by difficulty, making it the perfect resource for studying a particular concept.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The IB Biology SL Questionbank is a comprehensive set of IB Biology exam style questions, categorised into syllabus topic and concept, and sorted by difficulty of question. The bank of exam style questions are accompanied by high quality step-by-step marksBioes and video tutorials, taught by experienced IB Biology teachers. The IB Biology SL Question bank is the perfect exam revision resource for IB students looking to practice IB Biology exam style questions in a particular topic or concept in their IB Biology Standard Level course.

The IB Biology SL Questionbank is designed to help IB students practice Biology SL exam style questions in a specific topic or concept. Therefore, a good place to start is by identifying a concept that you would like to practice and improve in and go to that area of the Biology SL Question bank. For example, if you want to practice Biology SL exam style questions covering Cell Division, you can go to Biology SL Topic 1 (Cell Biology) and go to the Cell Division area of the question bank. On this page there is a carefully designed set of IB Biology SL exam style questions, progressing in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest. If you’re just getting started with your revision, you could start at the top of the page with the easiest questions, or if you already have some confidence, you could start at the medium difficulty questions and progress down.

The Biology SL Questionbank is perfect for revising a particular topic or concept, in-depth. For example, if you wanted to improve your knowledge of Cell Division, there are over 20 IB Biology SL exam style questions focused specifically on this concept. Alternatively, Revision Village also has an extensive library of Biology SL Practice Exams, where students can simulate the length and difficulty of an IB exam with the Mock Exam sets, as well as Biology SL Key Concepts, where students can learn and revise the underlying theory, if missed or misunderstood in class.

With an extensive and growing library of full length IB Biology SL exam style questions in the Biology SL Question bank, finishing all of the questions would be a fantastic effort, and you will be in a great position for your final exams. If you were able to complete all the questions in the Biology SL Question bank, then a popular option would be to go to the Biology SL Practice Exams section on Revision Village and test yourself with the Mock Exam Papers, to simulate the length and difficulty of an actual IB Biology SL exam.