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IB Chemistry SL - 2025

IB Chemistry Standard Level is a rigorous course for curious and scientifically oriented students who aspire to understand, establish, and interpret connections between chemistry concepts and their application in daily life.

Course Structure and Content

IB Chemistry SL studies the relationship between the nature of matter and how and why this affects chemical reactions. The syllabus has been organized into Structures and Reactivities to serve that objective.

The three structures include Models of the Particulate Nature of Matter, Models of Bonding & Structure, and Classification of Matter. All three reactivities are led by guiding questions, as students investigate: What Drives Chemical Reactions, How Much, How Fast, and How Far?, and What are the Mechanisms of Chemical Change?

The end of the course culminates with a summative external assessment that includes two written papers. Paper 1 consists of multiple-choice and data-based questions worth 55 marks. Paper 2 consists of short-answer and extended-response questions worth 50 marks, which test the ability of the student to make connections between multiple concepts within the syllabus and apply theoretical, practical, and mathematical knowledge.

Internal Assessment

An Internal Assessment worth 20% of the overall mark consists of a scientific investigation led by each student. This task requires students to collect, interpret and make conclusions about data that would answer the leading question of the project. The results of their work will be presented in the format of a written report which will be reviewed and evaluated internally by the teacher and externally by IB.

Tips for Success

  1. Regular studying: try not to review only the night before the test! A suggestion would be to test yourself on each completed subtopic at your school using the RV Standard Level Chemistry Questionbank!
  2. Make the most out of your laboratory work: hands-on experiments and investigations allow you to put into practice all of the theoretical knowledge you have acquired. Be focused during those sessions since they will increase your understanding and facilitate learning.
  3. Stay motivated: working hard, keeping a positive mindset, and having a clear goal will result in excellent results at the end of your IB journey. When facing difficulties in comprehending or applying new concepts, you can now employ our Chatbot, Newton AI; it will be more than happy to help you out!

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