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IB Chemistry SL - 2024

IB Chemistry Standard Level is a rigorous course for curious and scientifically oriented students who aspire to understand, establish, and interpret connections between chemistry concepts and their application in daily life.

Course Structure and Content

IB Chemistry SL consists of the following 11 topics: Stoichiometric Relationships, Atomic Structure, Periodicity, Chemical Bonding & Structure, Energetics/thermochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Equilibrium, Acids & Bases, Redox Processes, Organic Chemistry, and Measurement & Data Processing.

In addition, the program offers four Options, of which each student chooses one: Materials, Biochemistry, Energy, and Medicinal Chemistry. In the Higher Level course, students are expected to study extension material of a more challenging nature within the chosen Option.

The end of the academic year culminates with a summative assessment that includes three written papers. To cover the core content, students sit for examination papers 1 and 2. Paper 1 consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. Paper 2 consists of short-answer and extended-response questions worth 50 marks, which test the ability of the student to make connections between multiple topics within the syllabus and apply theoretical, practical, and mathematical knowledge. Paper 3 consists of short-answer and data-based questions worth 35 marks maximum that assess the options and the student’s data analysis skills.

New Science Syllabus

The International Baccalaureate has introduced a new IB Chemistry SL syllabus for first examinations in May 2025. While many concepts of the current syllabus were kept, some were removed, and some new concepts and skills were introduced. There are no longer Options in the new syllabus, but some of the concepts in the Options from the older syllabus are now embedded within the core content. Be ready for some new content presented by Revision Village that aligns perfectly with the new curriculum!

Tips for Success

  1. Regular studying: try not to review only the night before the test! A suggestion would be to test yourself on each completed subtopic at your school using the RV question bank!
  2. Make the most out of your laboratory work: hands-on experiments and investigations allow you to put into practice all of the theoretical knowledge you have acquired. Be focused during those sessions since they will increase your understanding and facilitate learning.
  3. Stay motivated: working hard, keeping a positive mindset, and having a clear goal will result in excellent results at the end of your IB journey. When facing difficulties in comprehending or applying new concepts, you can now employ our Chatbot, Newton AI; it will be more than happy to help you!

How does RV help maximize your academic results?

RV IB Chemistry SL offers you a unique learning experience. You can access various revision tools to help you achieve the best results in your IB exam. The website provides a vast question bank, topic and subtopic quizzes, mock exams, revision ladders, and prediction exams.

What adds to your experience with RV is the website's inviting interface. It is user-friendly and color-coded, so each subject owns its color, related diagrams, and drawings.

We aim to give you an easy, productive, and fun experience while exploring all our tools! So, enjoy the ride!

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Frequently Asked Questions

IB Chemistry Standard Level (SL) is one of the science courses introduced in the current IB Science curriculum (2016 - 2024). The Chemistry SL course is a traditional science course, whereby students develop a deep understanding of scientific concepts and solve both real and theoretical problems, with and without technology. The Chemistry SL course should be considered by students who are moderate to strong at science, and are interested in pursuing courses and pathways involving science or engineering after their IB Diploma Program.

The IB Chemistry SL course consists of four assessment items that contribute to a student’s overall score for the course. There are three exam papers and an internally assessed independent investigation. Paper 1 consists of multiple-choice questions, Paper 2 consists of short-answer questions, and Paper 3 consists of data-based questions, short-answer questions on practical experimentation, and short-answer questions from one option. The use of a calculator is prohibited for Paper 1, but permitted for Papers 2 and 3. A data booklet with useful constants and equations are provided for all three papers.

There are two phases students progress through in their two-year IB Chemistry SL course: the learning phase and the revision phase. The learning phase occurs in class, with their teacher and textbooks, where students first encounter and explore scientific concepts and consolidate their understanding by solving questions specific to that concept. The revision phase, which is what Revision Village is specifically designed for, is when students consolidate their understanding of all of the concepts in the Chem SL course and appreciate how the concepts are connected. In the revision phase, the most effective strategy is to practice lots of IB Chemistry SL exam questions to build confidence, reach mastery, and be prepared for the Chemistry SL examinations.

Revision Village is specifically designed to support IB students in the revision phase of their IB Chemistry Standard Level course. Revision Village has four main sections, each for different revision purposes: 1) Questionbank: a large library of IB Chemistry SL exam questions categorised by topic and ordered by difficulty, 2) Practice Exams: a carefully designed set of quizzes and mock papers for students to use in their final phase of revision, 3) Past Paper Video Solutions: step-by-step video tutorials of past Chem SL exam questions, taught by experienced IB Teachers, and 4) Key Concepts: short concise videos that recap the important theory in the Chemistry SL course. Revision Village is the perfect place for IB Students to learn, practice and prepare for their IB Chemistry exam stress-free, with all of the resources they need in one place.