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IB Mathematics AA HL - Practice Exams

The IB Mathematics Analysis & Approaches (AA) Higher Level (HL) Practice exams are the perfect resource to customize your revision plan. You can hone your skills on important concepts using the Math AA HL Popular Quizzes, or ascend the Math AA HL Revision Ladder to reach the hardest questions in the IB! Finally, full length RV-exclusive Math AA HL Mock Exam Papers will simulate the experience of taking the actual exams from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Revision Village has created three types of IB Math Analysis and Approaches (AA) HL Practice Exams: Popular Quizzes, a Revision Ladder, and Mock Exam Papers. Each of the AA HL Practice Exam types have a different purpose, depending on your aims and stage of exam revision. The AA HL Popular Quizzes are designed for students who want to test themselves on a specific concept (e.g. Complex Numbers). The AA HL Revision Ladder is designed to cover all AA HL concepts and progress by difficulty of question (easiest to hardest). The AA HL Mock Exam Papers are designed to simulate actual IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL exam papers; their length, difficulty and composition of concepts.

Popular Quizzes are one of the three types of IB Math AA HL Practice Exams that Revision Village offers. These short quizzes target specific concepts in the AA HL course (e.g. Proofs) and range from 30 to 90 minutes in length; perfect for a single study session. The AA HL Popular Quizzes are similar to the Questionbank section (focussing on specific concepts), however students sometimes don’t have the time available to practice all of the questions in the Questionbank. This is where the Popular Quizzes become very useful.

Revision Village has pioneered a new type of AA HL Practice Exam to support the exam revision process: the Revision Ladder. The AA HL Revision Ladder has 10 levels which increase in difficulty. The questions in all levels of the Revision Ladder involve all concepts in the AA HL course, therefore providing students a starting point with their end-of-course revision. Rather than starting with Mock Exams or Past Papers (which are often too difficult to start with), students can start their end-of-course revision with the Revision Ladder, and build their confidence as they advance through each level.

The Analysis and Approaches (AA) HL Mock Exam Papers are a set of AA HL Practice Exam Papers designed to simulate the actual exams students will encounter at the end of their Analysis & Approaches Higher Level course. The Mock Exams are AA HL Practice Exams that should be used once a student has finished learning all of the topics in the AA HL course. It is recommended that students use the AA HL Mock Exam Papers under exam conditions to gain familiarity and confidence on the difficulty and time duration of AA HL exams.