Frequently Asked Questions

Which subjects do Revision Village cover?

Revision Village is for students studying IB Mathematics (High Level, Standard Level, Studies).

More than 70% of IB Students and 1,500+ IB Schools use Revision Village. Voted by IB students as the #1 IB Resource for Mathematics.

How much does Revision Village cost?

Becoming a Revision Village Member is Free. Click Here to become a Revision Village Member.

To get full, unrestricted access to all RV Gold Content on Revision Village, students have the option of upgrading to a Revision Village Gold Membership. All RV Gold Membership prices are once off prices – no recurring payments. View RV Gold Membership options here.

Is the Gold Membership a subscription or once-off cost?

All Revision Village Gold Memberships are once-off costs. No subscriptions. No on-going payments.

Who are the teachers?

The Revision Village team is made up of experienced IB teachers, examiners and past students. The team is dedicated to helping IB students around the world achieve their best possible maths grade.

Which currency is the price in?

Since the IB is a Global Curriculum, stated pricing is in US Dollars (USD).

Which devices can I use RV on?

Revision Village is optimized on all devices. Desktop, Tablet, Mobile.

Why is RV better than YouTube/ Khan Academy?

Unlike many mathematics websites, Revision Village is 100% focused on IB Mathematics. Students do not need to spend time searching the internet for IB specific maths videos, tutorials and exam style questions. Revision Village is the perfect place for an IB Student to learn, practice and prepare for their IB Maths Exam stress free.

What are the Prediction Exams?

The Official Revision Village Prediction Exams & Prediction Video Series are exclusively available to RV Gold Members.

The RV Prediction Exams are developed by IB Examiners and Teachers to help students prepare for their upcoming final exams. The questions in the prediction papers are directly aligned to the current trends seen in past IB papers (topics, question style, weighting and difficulty). More than 120,000 IB Students around the world used the 2018 RV Prediction Papers to successfully prepare for their final exams.

Students are encouraged to practice the underlying concepts in the prediction exams, not just simply memorize the questions. As the Revision Village Prediction Exams are ‘Predictions’, Revision Village cannot take responsibility for outcomes due to discrepancies between the prediction and IB papers.

How does the money back guarantee work?

Revision Village is dedicated to helping IB students around the world enjoy and excel in mathematics. Our team works tirelessly to create free and premium resources for students and we offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all of our products. We are here to help you get your best possible result in IB maths =)

My account logged itself out, why?

If you have been logged out of your account, check that you are not logged in on any other devices or whether someone else is using your account. Only 1 device can be logged in at any given time. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please email [email protected] and will respond promptly!