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What is the Revision Village IB Math Questionbank?

The Revision Village IB Math Questionbank is a comprehensive set of IB Math exam questions, categorized by syllabus topic and concept, and then sorted by difficulty. The IB Math Questionbank provides students with the perfect structure to practice and revise IB Math exam questions for a specific topic or concept. Each question in the IB Math Question bank is accompanied by a step-by-step mark scheme, and a video tutorial taught by an experienced IB Mathematics teacher.

How is the IB Math Questionbank created?

The Revision Village IB Math Questionbank is developed by a selected assessment panel of IBDP Mathematics examiners & teachers. The video tutorials for each question in the IB Math Questionbank is then filmed by an experienced IB Mathematics teacher. The teachers of these videos are carefully selected by Revision Village, with the key selection requirements being: significant experience teaching IB mathematics, energy and passion in their teaching, and teaching in an intuitive and engaging style.

When do the IB Math Questionbanks get updated?

The Revision Village mathematics team is constantly refining the IB Math Questionbanks (AA & AI) throughout the year, to ensure the questions are the perfect revision resource for students, with no unnecessary or redundant questions. In addition to this, the team undertakes two large publishing projects each year following the May & November IB exam sessions. These projects involve creating and publishing new sets of exam questions that are added into the Revision Village IB Math Questionbanks. The consistent and on-going publishing of new resources ensures the Revision Village IB Math Questionbanks are completely up-to-date and reflective of the most recent IB exams.

Why use the IB Math Questionbank if I already have a textbook?

A textbook and the IB Math Questionbank both have their place in the overall learning and exam preparation process. A textbook is most useful when students are learning new concepts in class. Practicing exercise questions in a textbook is a great way to confirm your understanding of the theory taught in the textbook. However, textbook exercise questions are often quite different to the questions seen in IB Math exams. IB exam questions are often longer, more complex and combine multiple concepts. Practicing and building confidence in these types of questions is where the IB Math Questionbank is most effective.
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