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Frequently Asked Questions

Revision Village creates three types of IB Math Practice Exams for each of the four IB mathematics courses: Popular Quizzes, a Revision Ladder, and Mock Exam Papers. The Popular Quizzes are designed for students who want to test themselves on a specific topic or concept (e.g. Sequences & Series). The Revision Ladder is a set of practice exams that increase in difficulty, covering the entire syllabus. The Mock Exam Papers are designed to simulate official IB Math exam papers; their length, difficulty and composition of concepts.

Past Papers are official IB math exams from previous years (in full exam format). It is a common revision strategy for IB students to practice past papers. Starting the exam revision process with past papers can be very challenging for students due to the difficulty of the papers. This is where well designed IB Math Practice Exams are very useful. Revision Village has carefully designed a range of different practice exams to support students at different stages of their revision. The Popular Quizzes can be used to practice a specific topic or concept. The Revision Ladder allows students to practice IB Math exams that increase in difficulty. The Mock Exam Papers are most similar to past papers where students can practice full length exams.

Every question in every single IB Math Practice Exam on Revision Village is accompanied by an easy to understand mark scheme and a step-by-step video tutorial. The video tutorials are delivered by energetic and passionate IB Math teachers. The teachers have been carefully selected by Revision Village, with the key requirements being: significant experience teaching IB mathematics, energy and passion in their teaching, and teaching in an intuitive and engaging style.

The IB Math Practice Exams on Revision Village are designed to be used at different stages of a students exam preparation process. If you want to practice a specific topic or concept, you can go to the Popular Quizzes. If you are just starting your revision and you have trouble attempting the challenging questions in exams, go the the Revision Ladder and start at Level 1. If you want to practice IB Math Exams in the same format as the final IB exams, you can select one of the Mock Exam Papers.