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Frequently Asked Questions

The Key Concepts sections on Revision Village are one of the four main features for each of the IB Mathematics courses. The other three features are Questionbank, Practice Exams and Past Papers. The Key Concepts section includes a carefully planned set exam revision videos that students can use to refresh specific concepts (e.g. Bivariate Statistics) that they may have missed or misunderstood in class. The revision videos typically range between 5 and 10 minutes in length and are a short and concise way for students to quickly refresh a concept, before practicing exam questions.

A great way to improve in mathematics is by practicing lots of questions, but sometimes we forget key pieces of theory. It’s recommended that students use the Key Concept exam revision videos in conjunction with solving exam questions. Stuck on a specific question? Go to the Key Concepts section and watch one of the revision videos that recaps the theory. It’s recommended that students then return to the original question and try to solve it again.

The Key Concept videos on Revision Village are taught by experienced IB Mathematics teachers and examiners, who are passionate about teaching IB Mathematics in a simple, intuitive and engaging manner. The team is dedicated to helping each and every student achieve their best possible IB Mathematics grade.

This is not the aim of the Key Concept sections on Revision Village. These videos are short and concise and aim to ‘recap’ the theory, as opposed to teaching and explaining the theory, which is the purpose of textbooks. The Key Concepts sections on Revision Village aim to support students’ revision process by providing an easy way to quickly recap the concepts that occur frequently in their IB Mathematics examinations.