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IB Mathematics - Past Papers

Step-by-step Video Solutions to Past IB Mathematics Exams

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each year, in either May or November, IB students around the world sit their end of IB Diploma Program (IBDP) final exams. Once these exams are held, the exam papers (called “Past Papers” after the exams have completed) can be used by future students to prepare for their final exams (and so on after that). Hence, IB Math Past Papers are IB mathematics exam papers from prior years. IB Math Past Papers are also commonly used as practice exams in IB Schools.

Revising with IB Math Past Papers is a highly effective strategy to prepare for final exams. It provides students with guidance on the types of questions they will encounter, and the length and difficulty of the exam papers. If you are an IB student preparing for your upcoming IB mathematics exams, it’s recommended that one of your revision techniques is reviewing and practicing IB Math Past Papers.

Revision Village supports the revision of IB Math Past Papers by providing high quality, easy to understand video explanations to each question and question part. The teachers are passionate about teaching IB Mathematics. The teachers have been carefully selected by Revision Village, with the key selection requirements being: significant experience teaching IB mathematics, energy and passion in their teaching, and teaching in an intuitive and engaging style.

It is likely that your school will have access to all of the IB Mathematics Past Exams. It is therefore recommended that students ask their mathematics teacher or IB Coordinator for copies of the exam papers and mark schemes. Alternatively, IB Math Past Papers can be purchased from the Follett IB online store or commonly found by searching IB Resources Past Papers in google search.