IB Sciences › Early Access

Revision Village is launching IB Chemistry, IB Biology & IB Physics in the coming months! RV Gold Members gain exclusive early access to new content as it is released.

Common Questions
If I purchase RV Gold (or already have RV Gold), will I get full access to all of the IB Sciences resources as they are released?

Yes! A purchase of RV Gold today, or an existing RV Gold membership, will gain access to all features and resources for the new IB Science subjects as they are published, in addition to the IB Mathematics resources of course!

Will Revision Village be adding more subjects in the future?

The Revision Village team is currently working hard on making resources for the 3 IB Science subjects (Chemistry, Biology & Physics), in addition to continually improving the IB Mathematics resources. Beyond this? It has yet to be confirmed… but we’ll let you know!

When will all of the features for IB Sciences be completed?

The Past Paper Videos (2016-2021) have been published and now available to students! The remaining 3 features (Questionbank, Practice Exams and Key Concepts) will be progressively published throughout the first half of 2023.

Will the IB Sciences have all of the same resources as IB Mathematics?

Yes! The IB Mathematics subjects on Revision Village each have 4 core features: Past Paper Videos, Questionbank, Practice Exams and Key Concepts. The Revision Village team will be rolling out the same 4 features for the 3 new IB Science subjects (Chemistry, Physics and Biology).